As this is a road closed race there will be some areas and roads affected between 9am – 12:30pm on Sunday 13th August 2023. Please see below the areas affected and the timings for when each road will be closed. 

If you have any further questions please contact us at [email protected]


7.30am – New Road closed

8.30am – All other road closures in place

9.00am – Race begins – runners leave New Road

9.04am – First runners reach Widney Manor Road

9.15am – First runners reach Knowle via Smiths Lane, Browns Lane, Tilehouse Green Lane & Longdon Road

9.20am – First runners cross A4141 from Lodge Road to Hampton Road

9.27am – First runners reach Eastcote and head down Barston Lane

9.33am – First runners reach Barston and head down Hob Lane

9.45am – First runners return to Knowle and head up the High Street (A4141)

9.50am – First runners return towards Solihull via Widney Manor Road

10.10am – First runners finish the race

10.30am – Last runner reaches Eastcote – Hampton Road can reopen

10.45am – Last runner reaches Barston – Barston Lane can reopen

11.25am – Last runner reaches Lodge Road – A4141 & Kenilworth Road can reopen

11.40am – Last runner reaches Widney Manor Road – Smiths Lane, Browns Lane, Tilehouse Green Lane, Longdon Road & Lodge Road can reopen

12.15pm – Last runner turns off Widney Manor Road into Malvern Park – Widney Manor Road can reopen

12.30pm – Last runner finishes the race – all roads reopened